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Don’t be a penguin.


A penguin walks into a bar, and asks the bartender if he has seen his father. “I don’t know,” the bartender replies. “What does he look like?”

The point of this joke, of course, is that all penguins look pretty much alike. And the problem with much of today’s advertising is that it looks pretty much like what everyone else is doing. Which is why so many marketing efforts are basically invisible. I can fix that. I develop creative marketing ideas that will make your organization stand out in a marketplace that is packed with competitors often offering virtually identical products and services.

Change your marketing from bland to bold.

I’ve created advertising in over 35 product categories, for companies as large as General Mills and as local as Dallas BBQ. And I have learned over my long career that it’s usually not the budget, not the technology, not the medium that makes the difference. It is the power of the marketing idea. (Richard Florida calls creativity, “The decisive source of competitive advantage.”) I know first hand what it takes to make a small business—with smaller budgets, limited resources and personnel, often family owned— stand out. And combining my small agency experience with my years at large advertising agencies on national brands provides a creative perspective that is unique.

How much more do good ideas cost?

It’s a funny thing about good ideas — unexpected creative solutions are usually extremely powerful. So though they start off costing the same as bland communications, they end up worth much more, since they are more effective in increasing marketing share and building a brand.

If you need nametags, the meeting's too big.

Do you really have time for wasteful layers, or endless meetings to change one word or graphic — followed by more meetings that eventually change everything back again. Without costly overhead, I work more economically, to more quickly pay back a strong return on your marketing investment. Perhaps most important, I don’t rely on the weight of a large budget — I rely on the power of the idea. So you get big ideas, not big media schedules.

Getting to Know You

Traditionally, there is that complimentary meeting to discuss your needs—but I have always been a little leery of that “free” offer. It always seemed, to admittedly cynical me, just a way to slip in front of a prospect and then invariably try to sell them your services. Yes, I would like to meet with you, but it is a two-way street; you will find out more about me, but I can determine if I honestly think I will be a good fit for your needs. If yes, then great. If not, then I might be able to recommend someone whose skill set is more in line with your needs.

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