Creative Director. Speaker. Author.


Thinking. Writing. Creating: The most valuable service I provide is creating the communications that help you stand out from your competition; growing your brand with ideas that build on what makes you different. (And believe me, we can find your compelling marketing difference, even if you often think you are just a commodity.)

I create the ideas, write the content, devise the promotions, and do whatever is necessary to provide creative solutions to your marketing problems.

(When we get together, I can tell you why a major paper company client sent out a roll of Tums, or why a wedding photographer talked to wedding planners about his wedding vows.)

When we are working together, I am available 18/7 (hey, a person has to sleep), by phone, email, whatever.

Speaking: My speaking engagements are entertaining and practical. I use personal case histories to create an entertaining and educational environment where everyone learns how to creatively impact the growth of their company or organization. And I usually hand out bubbles.

In addition I am also available for individual coaching, as a spokesperson, or a panel guest.