Creative Director. Speaker. Author.


Who will work on building your brand?

I draw on only the highest quality graphic and social media professionals. But they work for me — and therefore you — only as they are needed. So you pay for them only if and when they are actually working on your business.

But be assured, if you require the reassurance of a larger support team, for media buying, research, focus groups, direct marketing, publicity and so on, Porte Advertising is at your beck and call. Or you can use whatever resources you have in place and are comfortable with. The point is to build your brand, not build my ego.


Jay: Guides the process to make certain that the ideas adhere to the agreed upon strategic guidelines. (How do you know if you’ve arrived if you do not know your destination?)


Jay: Creates the good ideas that will be the basis of all communications.


Jay: Develops the copy and headlines that bring the concepts and strategy to life, with relevant yet unexpected solutions.


The talented graphic designers, art directors, social media specialists, web site creators and so forth who are available, as needed, to make your communications sparkle across all channels.