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“I have seen a great deal of the work Jay has done for many different companies over the years and I continue to be amazed by his ability to capture the essence of each company’s value proposition and then deliver that message in a clever and memorable way.”

John P. Parisi, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, CASL
Financial Advisor/Long Term Care Specialist
Northwestern Mutual

“Jay is an idea machine. He takes inspiration from places I would never have dreamed of and helped take my business in directions I could have never foreseen. It was great having a constant stream of new ideas and creative thought that I could work with, accept or reject, knowing full well that more ideas would be coming in every meeting. He kept hitting me with one great idea after another.”

Christopher Duggan
Wedding and Dance Photographer

“Jay is one of the most creative people I know. His writing is succinct, informative and memorable. Through his ability to develop an insightful knowledge of his client’s business he consistently crafts messages that move the reader to action. He’s my “go to” wordsmith.”

Peter Gordon
Sales and Marketing
Dorian Orange

“Jay Heyman is in it to create ideas. Big ideas, memorable ideas, gorgeous ideas, ideas that sell. If the message your media are schlepping around is dull as mud, call in one of America’s last great Idea Men.”

Peter Hochstein
Direct response/Editorial copywriter

“When I think of Jay Heyman, I think of the most creative copywriter and idea man you could ever want to work with. For many years he has helped my business, Energetics (Energetic Juniors and Energetic Seniors), stand out. Jay has always created provocative headlines and tag lines that were admittedly sometimes out of my comfort zone, but always got people to notice us.”

Founder, Energetics Unlimited

“Jay helped me condense my company’s (Professional Motivation Technologies, Inc.) business – we specialize in knowledge competitions and incentive programs – into one memorable phrase: “We make your information stick.” If he can do it for me – he can do it for you.”

Henry Berszinn
Professional Motivational Technologies

“Jay has the kind of ideas you wish you could come up with yourself but you just don’t! His idea seems so natural that you (almost) think you could have thought them up yourself — but you couldn’t.”

David A. Kaminsky, Esq.
Attorney At Law

“Jay is one of the most creative and witty individuals I know. It is not surprising so many businesses leverage Jay’s talents to create thoughtful and targeted marketing and advertising campaigns. I would recommend Jay to any person or business interested in creative, bold ideas that help boost revenue.”

Dan Chorney
Private Wealth Advisor at Bernstein Global Wealth Management

“Jay is one of the cleverest people I know. When he was helping me brand myself, he did not just look at my competition and think of a better way to describe what I do – which could be described the same way by most other attorneys in my profession. Jay allowed me to see how I was different from my competition and how those differences made me stand out from them. That did wonders for my business, but also for my confidence in the quality of my own services. Thank you, Jay.”

Jeffrey A. Asher, Esq.
Robinson Brog Leinwand Greene Genovese & Gluck P.C.

“In the ten (plus) years I have known Jay Heyman, I have seen what creativity linked to purpose is all about. Yes, Jay is tremendously creative. But that isn’t good enough. Jay applies that creativity to helping people promote their brands and making it easier for them to make sales. He’s good, and I am glad I know him.”

Jim Fell
ENCOMPASS Strategy + Development

“Creativity in the business world is often, unfortunately, very much underrated. Jay exhibits a combination of creativity, intelligence, and industry experience which cannot be overstated.”

Keith Lulewich
Business Development
The Judicial Title Insurance Agency LLC

“Jay Heyman has a unique and creative worldview that translates into great campaigns. He’s an idea guy whose experience and perspective produce creative concepts that communicate points clearly and effectively.”

Steve Millhollon
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
the Corcoran group

“Jay Heyman has the creative ability to create a witty caption for any company or organization.  My company’s amazing slogan was brilliantly conceived by Jay. His experience has benefited my company and myself countless time throughout the time I’ve known him (over 14 years).”

Glenn Edelstein
All Shredding Corporation

“Jay Heyman is not only a wonderful PR and Ad man, but also has a highly developed creative mind. He was instrumental in helping us re-develop our brand, which allowed us to grow significantly.”

Gideon Schein
In-Home Administrators For Seniors